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Our Story


About the owner/founder

Hi! I am Violet Tiani Raterman and am the owner/founder of Tiani Body Care.

I grew up on the Whitney Farmstead in Ann Arbor, MI and learned at an early age to appreciate the value of working with, and supporting my local community. Starting my own natural body care line has been a dream since a young age and it is amazing to see it come to life! 

I launched Tiani Body Care after obtaining a degree in Biochemisty/Molecular Biology and am the formulator of all of Tiani Body Care products. It has been an exciting journey and is the perfect combination of sharing my love for science, supporting our local community and living a healthy life.



Our Mission

Our primary goal at Tiani Body Care is to create safe and quality products made with local ingredients. We source many fresh ingredients from farms/small businesses and use non-toxic ingredients that are suitable for sensitive skin. We use pure essential oils to scent all of our products and avoid the use of all synthetic fragrances. We have even found a few essential oils that are distilled on farms in our very own state!

Our vision is to spread the local movement into the cosmetic industry and share the stories of the farms/small businesses that produce our local ingredients. We plan to continue to increase our local sources as the business grows and provide fresh "farm to bottle" body care products. Stay tuned, we will be adding the stories of our partner farms and local businesses soon!

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Tiani is a very special family name and originated from Italy. The Tiani side of my family has taught me about living a healthy and honest life, the value of hard work, and many of my core values in life. I grew up very close to my Grandama and Grandpa Tiani and have learned so much from both of them. They are currently 97 years old and still have a vegetable garden larger than anyone I know! I still visit them about once a week and they absolutely love hearing about all the adventures Tiani Body Care has taken me on. 

Tiani is also my middle name, so it was really just the perfect name! Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about Tiani Body Care and let us know if you have any questions at all. Thank you!