About tiani body care

Who is Tiani Body Care?
Hi! I am Violet Tiani Raterman, I am the owner/founder of Tiani Body Care and created Tiani Body Care after obtaining a degree in Biochemisty/Molecular Biology. Starting my own body care line has been a dream since a young age and it is amazing to see it actually happen. Thanks to your support!

What does Tiani mean?
Tiani is a very special family name and originated from Italy. The Tiani side of my family has taught me about living a healthy and honest life, the value of hard work, and many of my core values in life. We thinks it’s quite fitting (and a lovely name). 

Why is Tiani Body Care Unique?
The primary goal of Tiani Body Care is to create safe and quality products made with local ingredients. We source many ingredients from MI farms/small businesses and hope to continue to increase our local sources as the business grows.